Tania Barney, Consultant and Trainer

Tania is a registered Occupational Therapist, with over 30 year’s clinical experience, spanning a range of work environments.  She has delivered training and consultancy services to individuals and groups, including business leaders and employees, teachers, health professionals and parents.  With experience in academia, she also works collaboratively with organisations to conduct literature reviews and research.

Tania is a specialist in Sensory Integration (how the brain processes sensory information) and its application to workplace, education and healthcare sectors.  She is particularly interested in how this primal brain system can be used to improve productivity, team work, concentration and wellbeing.  Her training and consultancy services focus on simple, yet effective, practical strategies, which are grounded in Neuroscience.

Professional qualifications and training:  B App Sc (OT), M App Sc (OT), Sensory Integration Level 1, Sensory Intelligence Practitioner, Sensory Attachment Intervention (both for children and adults)

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